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A Bit of Civil Fangirling

I saw Captain America: Civil War this weekend, and it was amazing! The fight scenes were incredible, there was a ton of focus on character development, and I wasn’t bored for a single second of the two-and-a-half hour run. But I do have one beef with the filmmakers: Why call this a Captain America movie when it’s clearly an Avengers movie? Sure, Cap is arguably the protagonist, but Iron Man and Black Panther are equally important to the plot, and there are 12 superheroes total, including two who are brand new to the MCU. And every one of them gets a chance to shine.

So, because the movie was so much more about the characters than the plot, and because I’m feeling like a lazy fangirl, instead of a normal movie review, I’m just going to list each hero’s awesomest moments. These are roughly in order of how much screentime the character gets, with a slight bias towards the ones I like best. Minor spoilers.

War Machine

Team Iron Man (duh!)
Best moment: Teasing Iron Man after Stan Lee pronounces his name as “Tony Stank.” And right after such a sad scene, too…


Team Cap
Best moment: Turning into Giant-Man! Also, “Thinks for thanking of me.”


Team Cap
Best moment: Calling out Iron Man on his latest terrible decision in a well-deserved angry speech.


Team Iron Man
Best moment: Attempting to cook for Scarlet Witch while wearing a sweater. He’s adorable.

Scarlet Witch

Team Cap
Best moment: Completely owning Vision in a fight. “I can’t control their fear. Only my own.”

Bucky (aka the Winter Soldier)

Team Cap (when not brainwashed into being Team Villain)
Best moment: All the bickering with Sam, and his congratulatory smile when Steve finally kisses a girl. His fight scenes haven’t gotten any less awesome, either.


Team Cap (duh)
Best moment: Trying to get people to treat his drone like it’s a real bird. Also, see above.

Black Widow

Team Iron Man (maybe)
Best moment: Going to the funeral with Steve so he wouldn’t be alone, even while they’re having their biggest disagreement ever.


Team Iron Man
Best moment: Literally every word that comes out of his mouth, which is a lot of words. Highlights include, “Your shield doesn’t obey the laws of physics at all!” and “Remember that really old movie…Empire Strikes Back?”

Black Panther

Team Iron Man…ish
Best moment: Well, to describe my favourite moment would ruin the end of the movie, so let’s just say…every fight scene he’s in? With his sweet bulletproof cat suit and its vibranium claws, just kicking every other hero’s butt without pausing for chit-chat. Man, he is cool.

Iron Man

Team Himself
Best moment: Going after Bucky sans suit, even though he’s no match for him without his tech. And all the times when he sticks to doing what he thinks is right, even when it means losing friends or giving up control over his own abilities. Iron Man’s always a bit of a jerk, but in this movie he’s at least a sympathetic jerk. Not to mention a jerk you feel really, really sorry for.

Captain America

Team Himself
Best moment: Quite a few…stopping a helicopter with his bare hands, bonding with Spider-Man over their NYC origins in the middle of a fight, picking a tiny Volkswagon as a getaway car, and just all the times he tries to make peace between the heroes despite their differences. He’s like the team dad, in the best way possible. And again, one of his best moments is at the end, so I can’t mention it.

The villain is also easily the best to appear in a Marvel movie so far. If you haven’t seen Civil War yet, go see it.


June 2015 fandom

Fandom of the Month: Superheroes!

As you know if you’ve been anywhere near a movie theatre this year, everybody loves a superhero. Superheroes are cool. They’re wish fulfillment fantasies for us and role models for our kids. They fight evil, wear colorful outfits, deliver snappy one-liners, and always, always win. What’s not to like, right?

I’ve loved superhero movies ever since I was a pre-teen (which was when the genre first started making obscene amounts of money). I loved stories about great heroes long before that…probably ever since my parents read me my first fairytale. But as I’ve learned since then, there are many different kinds of heroes in fiction. Superheroes are the kind the Greeks used to write poems about–strong, powerful, immortal, and also quite flawed. They’re not quite gods, and not quite human. So the evil they fight is always cosmic in scope (making for some really cool battles), but they still have to deal with ordinary human problems like dating and jobs (making them sympathetic). When done well, superheroes are both what everybody wants to be–indestructible crimefighters with all the cool toys–and what everybody already is–regular schmucks who struggle to balance their work and personal lives and sometimes lock their keys in the car. Of course, some heroes lean more toward the god-like side of the scale, and others sit closer to the regular schmuck side, but the tension is there somewhere in every superhero story.

This month, I’ll be posting about the superheroes whom I love the most. These are the guys (and yes, sadly, they are all guys, because I don’t read comic books and Hollywood is sexist) who have figured out how to balance being a Greek god at night and a normal person by day–or at least are trying to. They’re true heroes, who hide a courageous, selfless heart underneath that suit of armour. And they also have wicked cool suits of armour. They’re the guys you wish were protecting your city from aliens and bank robbers and psychos.

What are their names? Ah, just pick your favourite scary animal. It’ll probably be on the list.


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Ranking the Superheroes

You may be wondering who my favourite superheroes are. The short answer is “all of them,” but there are certainly some that I like more than others. Here are my top five, more or less in order–and once again, remember that these are based on the characters’ movies, not their comic books.

1. Batman


Why? Because he’s BATMAN! But seriously, this guy is just a great character. He has a complicated personality and set of motivations, which is rare among superheroes. His alter ego is as much of a mask (and a weapon) as his bat outfit, which is pretty smart, considering “secret identities” never seem to stay secret for long. He has no powers, but he still manages to kick the butts of some of the most powerful villains in the comic universe. And who doesn’t secretly want a bat cave? I mean, everything about Batman is just so cool. What’s not to like?

2. Spider-Man


Spider-Man holds a special place in my heart because he was my first superhero. Believe it or not, I was a bit of an elitist before I turned 16. I thought I was too sophisticated for superhero movies, until I saw Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. That’s when I discovered that my tastes are not sophisticated at all–I just like stories about unlikely heroes who get a supernatural power and choose to do the right thing with it. Of course I can relate to Peter Parker because he’s a total nerd, but I also like him for having such a strong sense of right and wrong, even if he loses sight of it occasionally.

3. Captain America


Speaking of a sense of right and wrong, Captain America is probably the most powerful voice for common decency in recent pop culture. He’s not a terribly complicated character, but he is more than just a flag-waving patriotic symbol. He’s a courageous soldier who fights for truth and freedom, and always puts others before himself. And yes, he’s pretty patriotic, but he’s willing to stand up even to American leaders if they start abusing their power. In short, he embodies all the best things about America. Including our top-notch fighting abilities.

4. Iron Man


I don’t like Iron Man for any of the same reasons I like my top three superheroes. In fact, it’s almost the opposite. Tony Stark is kind of a terrible person in many ways–he’s a womanizer, he’s a show-off, he lets his girlfriend do all the hard work–but there’s no denying that he is hilarious. And in a genre where the standards have been set by darker heroes like Batman, we need some comic relief once in a while. Besides, Iron Man can be as heroic as the best of them. Sometimes he just needs an extra “push.”

5. Wolverine


This guy is just fun to watch. Wolverine has been through a lot, and he can’t remember most of it, but he always overcomes his many personal issues in time to save the day. He can be ferocious at times, but he has a soft heart underneath the adamantium. And he has one of the coolest superpowers around. Also–I love Hugh Jackman. I really, really love Hugh Jackman.

So that’s my list. Who are your favourite superheroes (or heroines–more on that later)?