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Supernatural Characters!

As with any long-running show, its characters are what make Supernatural great. It’s gone through a lot of them, and most of them end up dead, but there are always the central few who stick around (despite dying quite a bit themselves) and form the heart of the show. Here are my top five, in order:

1. The Impala (a.k.a. Baby, a.k.a The Metallicar)



This really goes without saying. The Impala is by far the most trustworthy, reliable character on this show. She provides a home for the Winchesters, her tape deck and speakers provide much of the show’s awesome soundtrack, and she is Dean’s one true love. Plus, she played as big a role as either of the boys in saving the world, making her–and I quote–“the most important object in the universe.” If you don’t love the Impala, you are wrong. Canonically.

2. Bobby Singer

“Awesome” is the most appropriate word to describe Bobby. The man knows everything there is to know about every supernatural thing ever, and if he comes across something he doesn’t know, he’ll break into a library to research it. He’s fluent in Japanese. He built a ghost- and demon-proof panic room on his weekend off. He once overcame demonic possession by stabbing himself in the gut. Later, while paralyzed from said injury, he still managed to kick butt against a horde of flesh-eating zombies. He’s the most level-headed and emotionally stable hunter on the show (not that that’s saying much, but still…). And he’s a better father to the Winchesters than their biological dad ever was. Go Bobby!

3. Dean Winchester

To be perfectly honest, Dean is the only reason I kept watching Supernatural after Season 1. The story and the rest of the characters took a while to really draw me in, but it only took me about five minutes to fall in love with Dean’s sense of humor, toughness, and selfless devotion to his family. In the seasons since then, he’s gone through a lot of ups and downs, but those three things haven’t changed. For all his many flaws and psychological issues, nobody’s better at “saving people, hunting things” than Dean. He also has excellent taste in cars, music, and food.

4. Sam Winchester

The younger Winchester brother has two settings: smart, compassionate, heroic Sam; and scariest-monster-on-this-show Sam. Whether it’s due to possession, soullessness, or addiction, it’s uncanny how many times he’s become temporarily evil (and boy, can Jared Padalecki be creepy when he wants to be). I guess demon blood will do that to you. But when he’s on the former setting, he’s a very sweet guy with a lovely sarcastic sense of humor. Who, ya know, saved the world. And the amount of research he can do in one night, in tiny towns that shouldn’t even have wi-fi, never ceases to amaze me.

5. Castiel

It took me a looong time (a whole season, in fact) to warm up to this particular angel, just because I could not understand why he insisted on talking like a pervy Batman. Tumblr had not prepared me for that voice! But I was eventually able to overlook it, because Cas is the best. What he lacks in social skills, he makes up for in awesome fighting skills…and unintentional hilarity. Aside from Dean, he’s the most quotable character on the show. Who can forget the immortal “Hey, assbutt!”, for starters? He’s also a complicated character, constantly flip-flopping between good and evil…but always in a very sympathetic way. And he always seems to land on the side of good.

There you have it. Five best characters on Supernatural. An honourable mention must also go to Chuck Shirley, who is awesome and with whose writer’s angst I deeply sympathize. RIP Chuck…wherever you are.