The X-Files

21st Century Fox

Let’s talk about the new X-Files series coming out, shall we? The Fox network, in a desperate attempt to win back the nerdy audience it lost by cancelling Firefly, is bringing back the only other good show it ever aired for a miniseries, starting in January. The official trailer dropped about a month ago, and I have feelings about it. Both good and bad feelings.

First, the bad. I know this is incredibly shallow, but it’s kind of jarring to see how old everyone’s grown over the last decade. Like, I knew I was watching an outdated show…but it didn’t quite hit home until I saw that the entire cast is literally old enough to be my parents (or grandparents, in Skinner’s case). Oh, well. RIP, David Duchovny’s jawline.

More importantly, this trailer seems to suggest that Mulder and Scully are not a couple. Look at Scully’s face when she answers the phone! That’s definitely a “call from the guy I foolishly broke up with ten years ago” face. And it looks like she and Mulder weren’t even working together at the beginning! I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS. NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS OKAY.

The trailer is also giving me plenty of good feelings, though. I’m especially intrigued by the idea of continuing the myth arc in our modern, high-surveillance society. A lot has changed since The X-Files stopped airing. For one thing, some of the crazy conspiracy theories it concocted have turned out to be eerily close to the truth. And today’s Internet- and CCTV-saturated world, with its drones and NSA leaks, should provide plenty more paranoia fuel for the new, presumably digital, x-files.The only downside is, with caller ID on the agents’ cell phones, we probably won’t get to hear the “Mulder, it’s me” line again.

And then there are the little moments that make me squee inside: the ceiling pencils, the poster, the CIGARETTE (!!!). It’s good to see that all the best characters from the original show will be back. I’ve even heard the Lone Gunmen are going to make an appearance.

Will all this add up to a good revival (or at least a good wrap-up to the series)? Who knows? I want to believe it’ll be good. But we can trust no one these days…

In the meantime, enjoy this animated trailer that just came out. I think I may have spotted a fluke-man in it.



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