June 2015 fandom

My Hero Moment

This year I wanted to be a superhero for ComicCon. I’d already been River Tam, so obviously I couldn’t top that, but I figured a well-appointed hero might at least come close to replicating my previous amazing costume.

I decided on Quicksilver, mainly because of a certain scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Quicksilver’s part in that movie was small, but he was far and away the best thing about it. Watching that scene, I was like: “He moves so fast he can stop time? He uses this power to troll bad guys and steal candy for his sister? He wears a cool silver jacket? He likes Pink Floyd? I am TOTALLY dressing up as this guy!” I didn’t even regret my decision when Age of Ultron came out, ’cause that Quicksilver wasn’t as cool, even with his Russian accent. Plus, this way my character got to live!

So I started by getting a “Dark Side of the Moon” t-shirt at Hot Topic (and was very glad to have an excuse to do so). I borrowed a Walkman and headphones from some friends of mine, and a pair of grey shoes from my sister (couldn’t find silver, alas). For the durable high-speed glasses, I actually got a pair of Harry Potter Quidditch goggles online. Hey, they were the right shape, and you couldn’t read the “H” unless you looked really closely! The hardest part of the costume was the jacket. I spent three months looking through every store, physical and online, that I could think of, and none of them had a silver jacket in the right style–or at least, not within my price range. So I ended up buying a black jacket and dying it silver with fabric spray. It took two whole bottles, but it ended up looking pretty good. After that, all I had to do was dye my hair! Temporarily, of course. Silver isn’t normally my speed.

My hair looked a wee bit more silver in real life.

My hair looked a wee bit more silver in real life.


Still wasn't worthy to lift Mjolnir, though.

Still wasn’t worthy to lift Mjolnir, though.

And for the record, I walked faster than anyone in my group all day. Didn’t steal any hats from security guards, though.



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