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Poetry Month

It is I, Aldy! You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve been gone for about two weeks. This is mostly because I realized I had developed an addiction to the Internet–like, I couldn’t be away from my phone and computer for any length of time without feeling twitchy–and decided to go cold turkey for a while. I think it did me good.

But I’m back now, and April’s fandom is long overdue. Except it isn’t exactly a traditional fandom. April, as you should all know, is National Poetry Month. So, just to make as dramatic a break as possible with our…less intellectual last fandom, what remains of this month will be dedicated to poetry. I’ll be posting my favourite poems, some fun facts about my favourite poets…oh, and probably some Shakespeare goodness. Because there’s nothing classier than Shakespeare, whether we’re talking sonnets or plays.

Stay tuned, lit lovers!



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