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Only the Good Die Young

One of the bummers about watching Supernatural is that everyone dies. Literally. EVERYONE. (There’s a reason Death is the most powerful entity in this show’s universe.) At least when the main characters die, you know they’ll be back, but secondary characters? Not so lucky.

Let us have a moment of silence for all the awesome side characters who were killed off before their time.

1. Ash

I loved Ash as soon as he was introduced back in Season 2. A genius with heavenly computer hacking skills (seriously, he hacked his way around Heaven), who sleeps on pool tables and proudly wears a mullet? What’s not to like? It takes a special kind of individual to get into MIT and then get kicked out for fighting. If anyone ever deserved the title “Dr. Badass,” it’s Ash. But you know what I liked best about him? He was happy and content with his life, never showing any signs of the baggage most other hunters carry around–both before and after his name became horribly ironic. Ash would never let a little thing like a fiery death get him down. I wasn’t so cool with it, though…

2. Bela Talbot

To me, Bela always seemed like a huge wasted opportunity. She was the first female on this show (other than Ellen) who actually showed some depth and wasn’t completely defined by her relationship to one of the Winchesters. Sure, her accent was terrible, but I found her an interesting antagonist otherwise. And you can’t help feeling sorry for her once we learn about her backstory. Girl had a childhood that made the Winchesters’ lives look wholesome. I wanted her to turn good, maybe even be a long-term love interest for Dean (she would’ve been better than Cassie or Lisa, at least). But what did she get instead? An offscreen death and an eternity in Hell. So much for my hopes and dreams. *frowny face*

3. Agent Victor Henriksen

I always kinda liked this guy, and the episode in which he died was also his finest moment. “Jus in Bello” is one of the show’s most frustrating episodes for me, mainly because, for 90 percent of it, it looked like Agent Henriksen was going to turn good. Not that he was ever really bad, just ignorant of the supernatural and therefore inclined to take the Winchesters’ (extremely sketchy) record at face value. He always thought he was upholding the law by chasing down a pair of dangerous killers. And he was doing a pretty good job! But in “Jus in Bello,” he finally starts believing in paranormal stuff, makes friends with Dean, helps defeat a small army of demons without any civilian casualties, and looks interested in becoming a hunter (which he would have been awesome at). Yay! Then he gets brutally murdered in the last 30 seconds. Ugh.

4. Jimmy Novak

I’m including him on this list because I very sincerely hope he’s dead by this point. Cas has been blown up and put back together enough times, seems like Jimmy would have escaped to Heaven by now. Right? It’s unlikely in any case that we’ll ever see him again, and that’s a shame, because he was one of the most morally upright characters this show has ever produced. He was a great husband and father (a good father on Supernatural??? Madness!). He was a devout guy who said “yes” to Castiel because he genuinely believed he was doing God’s will. And when it turned out…a little different than he expected, he reacted with tremendous bravery to being caught in the angel-demon crossfire. After his horrible experience being “strapped to a comet” for a year, he willingly submitted to the same experience for, as far as he knew, eternity, in order to protect his family. This man did not deserve the sucky life he got.

5. Ellen and Jo Harvelle

I’ll include them both as one entry because they died in the same episode…and, well, five is a good number.  Ellen and Jo are far and away the best females ever to appear on this show. It took me a while to warm up to Jo, I’ll admit, but she went through so much character development that by Season 5, she had changed from a naive, whiny girl with a crush on Dean to a mature, capable hunter who never lost her cool even in a hopeless fight with Lucifer’s minions. Perhaps more impressively, she’s just about the only person who has ever turned down the offer of a night with Dean. And she did it in truly epic fashion. Go Jo!! As for Ellen…she was always awesome. She was just as great a mother-figure to the Winchesters as Bobby was a father-figure (which is why I kinda shipped them together). At least the writers had the decency to kill off the Harvelles in suitably dramatic fashion, as opposed to the off-screen examples above, but it was still a blow. I wanted to see so much more of these girls, and the show has yet to satisfactorily replace them.

There are many, many more examples, but these are the ones that hurt me the most. RIP guys.

But on the bright side…at least the Ghostfacers are still alive!



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