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Episode Highlight #7: Swan Song

“Well, then, I ain’t gonna let him die alone.”

Summary: As a last-ditch effort to trap Lucifer in the Cage, Sam decides to try jumping in while possessed by him. Feels ensue.

Why I love it: It’s the perfect conclusion to the best story arc Supernatural has ever come up with. It’s also the most heartwarming episode we’ll probably ever see on this cynical, cynical show. Brotherly love triumphs, the world is saved, and it is lovely.

For one thing, this episode shows Team Free Will at their absolute best. Everyone gets a chance to shine, even (especially?) the Impala. Bobby gets to be his usual wonderful, fatherly self–and he dies and comes back to life for the first time, so I guess we can officially welcome him into the Winchester family now! Castiel gets his “Hey, Assbutt!” moment, which is easily the most awesome thing he has ever done or said.

He’s talking to MICHAEL, by the way. Right before torching him with holy fire.

And Dean…well, it’s just wonderful to see him refusing to give up on Sam, even when Cas and Bobby(!) tell him all is lost. A few episodes ago, he had lost so much faith in his brother that he considered surrendering to the angels to stop Sam’s inevitable turn to the dark side, and now he’s interrupting Armageddon (with a Def Leppard song!) just to be there for Sam. Awwww…. I mean, the way it plays out is totally heartbreaking, too, but still. (Also, kudos to the writers for actually letting Dean look like he’s getting the crap beat out of him for once.)

This episode also made me want to apologize for all the times I’ve called Sam whiny and stupid in the past. Sure, the guy had his rough spots, but it’s hard not to appreciate him when he’s saving the world. And he did it in a very noble, self-sacrificing manner, too. And the only reason he was able to do it at all was that he loved his brother so much he could overpower the devil himself just to avoid hurting him. Can I get another awwww?

Sam-as-Lucifer is creepy as ever, though.

Then there’s Baby. Thanks to Chuck’s narration, this whole episode is basically one long love poem to the Impala. And I am so okay with that. I love that car more than anything else on this show, Winchesters included. And she got to play a key role in saving the world! My life is complete.

“Swan Song” was supposed to be the finale of the originally-planned five seasons of Supernatural. Can’t say I’m sorry the show continued after that, even if it lost a little of its quality, but this would have made a great ending. Not sure they’ll be able to top it when the show finally does end. But no matter what, we’ll always have this beauty to go back to.

Man, there’s just too much awesomeness in this episode to cover in one post. Have I forgotten anything important?

Nope. I think I got everything.



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