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Episode Highlight #4: Yellow Fever

“That was scary!”

Summary: While the Winchesters are investigating a haunting in Colorado, Dean gets infected with a “ghost sickness” that kills its victims within 24 hours by literally scaring them to death. Yeah…

Why I love it: If there’s one thing Supernatural does well, it’s smoothly switching between humour, horror and heartbreak over the course of a single episode. My last episode highlight, “Mystery Spot,” is a good example of this, but “Yellow Fever” is perhaps an even better one. A good 50 percent of the story is just Dean being hilariously paranoid about things he wouldn’t even blink at on a normal day. Like heights, snakes, speeding…and cats. I find that it’s best to pause and replay the cat scene a few times, just to make sure I’ve fully appreciated hearing Dean scream like a little girl. It is a rare and beautiful thing.

This is an appropriate reaction to finding yourself in a room with a cat. Those things are devil spawn.


There’s also his crazy (yet completely accurate) rant about why being a hunter sucks. Once again, excellent acting on Jensen Ackles’ part. I’m pretty sure that speech wasn’t intended to be one of the show’s funniest moments ever, but he made it so.

But the other half of the episode deals with Dean’s legitimate fears, which are pretty darn scary and, in hindsight, pretty darn sad. Yellow-eyed Sam, anyone? And as I’ve said before, Little Girl Lilith is the stuff of nightmares. Just hearing her voice from off-screen is enough to send shivers down my spine. Ugh, that child.

THIS is an appropriate reaction to finding yourself in a room with Lilith.


The sad part comes in after one watches the rest of Season Four and finds out what Lilith was actually talking about, and why a fear curse, which targets bullies and those who enjoy scaring others, infected Dean. Hurray for foreshadowing! Besides, you have to feel bad for the guy when you realize he just got out of Hell a month or two ago (after being there for 40 years), still hasn’t come to terms with what he did down there, and is already in danger of going back again. I would’ve been freaking out, too.

The ghost’s back story was also quite sad. Poor guy really needed a hug.

But on a lighter note, Bobby is once again awesome. He speaks Japanese! He helps Sam save the day! And he has the ability to drive from South Dakota to Colorado in less than two hours! Oh, wait…they all can do that.

Anyway, this was a fantastic episode. The “Eye of the Tiger” lip-sync at the end was just the icing on the cake.



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