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Best of the Hunting Music

One of the best things about Supernatural is its beautiful classic rock soundtrack. The only thing more epic than hunting down monsters and stopping apocalypses is…hunting down monsters and stopping apocalypses while playing AC/DC.

Almost every episode has its share of good music, but there are some soundtrack choices that stand out, either because the song is particularly appropriate to what’s going on in the episode, or just because the song is that awesome. Here are some of my favourite musical moments:

Song: “Back in Black” by AC/DC
Scene: The beginning of “Bloodlust”

This is the only proper way to announce the return of the Impala.

Song: “Renegade” by Styx
Episode: The end of “Night Shifter”

“We are so screwed.”

Song: “Heat of the Moment” by Asia
Scene: The entirety of “Mystery Spot”

“Rise and shine, Sammy!”

Song: “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi
Scene: The singing-in-the-car scene in “No Rest for the Wicked”

More of a heart-shattering moment than an awesome one, but ya know…

Song: “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor
Scene: The outtake at the end of “Yellow Fever”

So it’s not technically part of the show. I don’t care. No one can rock out to this song like Jensen Ackles.

Song: “O Death” by Jen Titus
Scene: Death’s entrance in “Two Minutes to Midnight”

Death has the coolest intro of any character in Supernatural, and it’s all because of that song. Plus some artful slow-mo.

Song: “Rock of Ages” by Def Leppard
Scene: Dean’s arrival at Stull Cemetery in “Swan Song”

“Am I interrupting something?”

And of course, there’s…

Song: “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas
Scene: Every season finale recap since Season 2

I’ll just post that one here in its entirety. Because whether you’re a Supernatural fan or not, you need this song in your life.



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