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Episode Highlight #2: Bad Day at Black Rock

“I lost my shoe.”

Summary: In this Season 3 episode, the Winchesters find out that someone has broken into one of their dad’s secret storage compartments and stolen a cursed object. They track down the thieves, only to discover that the cursed object…is a lucky rabbit’s foot. Unfortunately for Sam, this one really works, in the sense that it makes its owner supernaturally lucky–until the owner loses it, at which point it starts doing the opposite. Guess who just grabbed the rabbit’s foot.

Their faces…they just say it all.

Why I love it: Because it’s just so much fun. The premise is ridiculous in the best way, and, for once, all the trouble Sam gets into is strictly comical. Radiators randomly exploding, shoes falling into sewers, lottery tickets being stolen…it all happens with an air of glorious inevitability, and it’s all hilarious. I think frustrated, pouty Sammy is my favourite Sammy. Dean has some pretty great moments, too, especially while he’s on the rabbit’s good side.

“I’m Batman.”

This episode also introduced some important new characters. We get the fanatical (in a funny way) hunter, Kubrick, his sidekick…and, most importantly, Bela Talbot. Am I the only one who kinda liked Bela as a character? Sure, her “English” accent was cringe-worthy, but other than that she was interesting, and I thought she brought a fun new angle to Season 3. There aren’t many females on Supernatural with any personality at all, so you have to appreciate them when they do show up–even if they’re amoral crooks. As a Walking Dead fan, I also enjoy seeing Lauren Cohan do something other than cry over a boy.

Another member of the Pretty People Going to Hell Club.

Of course, like just about everything else on this show, “Bad Day at Black Rock” gets a little sad if you think about it, especially with the benefit of hindsight. After you watch “Time Is on My Side”, no scene between Dean and Bela can ever be quite as fun again. And the opening, where Sam and Dean check out all the stuff John put into storage, is a minefield of buried feels.

But mostly, this is just a fun, silly episode that’s perfect to watch when I’m having a bad day. Oh, and I think it’s worth mentioning that it contains the first instance of Bobby calling Dean “idjit.” Now there’s a milestone for ya.



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