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Fandom of the Month: Miscellaneous

I’ve posted about a lot of fandoms on this blog, and if you’ve followed this far, you’re probably a member of at least a couple of them. But not every good speculative fiction story has a fandom. Some books never get the attention they deserve because they don’t have movies. Some books do get movies, but the movies are so bad that no one wants to read the books they were (loosely) based on. It’s hard to base an entire fandom on a one-shot, original movie that never got a sequel, no matter how good it was. Ditto for TV shows that get cancelled before their time, or never get broadcast outside their country of origin.

This month I will highlight some deserving works of art that, for whatever reason, don’t have widespread fandoms. The under-appreciated, under-advertised underdogs that have improved my life, even if they haven’t taken over Tumblr yet.

I’m also open to suggestions. If there’s a book, movie, or show that you like, but you feel like you’re a fandom of one, please comment about it, and I’ll try to dedicate a post to it. Only one rule: it has to be sci-fi or fantasy, or at least weird enough to be mistaken for one of those.

This is, after all, the month of Valentine’s Day! Seems like a fitting time to give some love to works that don’t get enough.



One thought on “Fandom of the Month: Miscellaneous

  1. Oooo good question. I’ve joined your blog late in the game so I don’t know what you did in the past, but my favs are BSG, Firefly, Harry Potter, Star Wars (still think you should do a prequel month! lol), and Lord of the Rings (which you’ve done). I love Once Upon a Time as a TV show, though it’s pretty mainstream. Can’t wait to see what you do!

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