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Molly Hooper Appreciation Post

I would be remiss if I ended this month without posting about Molly Hooper. For a character who wasn’t in the original stories, Molly is pretty darn awesome. She started out as just a shy, sweet little mortician with a crush on Sherlock, and grew into so much more than that. Here are just a few of the traits that make Molly great:

But they were so cute together for half a second…


1. She dated, then dumped, Moriarty. Also known as the most dangerous criminal in London. Just let that sink in for a moment.

“I know what that means, looking sad when you think no one can see you.”


2. She overcame her shyness in order to reach out to Sherlock when she could tell he needed help (and notice that no one else, not even John, realized Sherlock needed help at that point). And this was AFTER he humiliated her in front of her friends.

This is her “I know something John Watson doesn’t” face.


3. She helped Sherlock fake his death. Making her the only non-relative who knew he was alive after “The Reichenbach Fall.” And she kept his secret for two  years.

And this is her “stop being so dramatic, Sherlock” face.


4. She appears in Sherlock’s mind palace as his most positive advice-giver.

And she looks AT LEAST as good in a jumper as John.


5. Despite starting out so shy and besotted with the oblivious detective, she painstakingly gains Sherlock’s respect over the course of the series, and she also grows in self-confidence at the same time. By the last episode, she’s on such equal footing with Sherlock that she slaps him in the face for misbehaving, and he doesn’t even hold it against her.

You go, Molly! I’d take you over Irene Adler any day. You totally count. ❤



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