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All the Merry Fandoms!

Well, it’s December 2 already, which means it’s high time I introduced the fandom of the month. But for December, I’ve decided to change things up a bit.

Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year in most of the English-speaking world. It’s such an important (and emotionally-loaded) day in our culture that it tends to crop up rather a lot in fiction. Only the most serious and serialized TV shows can go for long without airing a Christmas episode, and many movies and novels spend a great deal of time depicting celebrations of Christmas (or a thinly-veiled substitute). For some reason, it often takes on special significance in fantasy and sci-fi. Maybe it’s because of the holiday’s strong roots in pagan and Christian mythology, or because of all the quirky traditions that go along with those roots, or perhaps because many people associate it with the wonder and imagination of childhood. Some authors use it as a fun, nostalgic break in the action; others like to milk the dark side of the holiday for all it’s worth. Either way, Christmas and the fandoms seem to get along quite well together.

So this month, to help us all get into the holiday spirit, I’ll be looking at all the different ways my fandoms celebrate Christmas. There will be episode and book highlights, and I may also provide some recipes, shopping items, etc. to add a little nerdiness to your merry-making.



Stay tuned!



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