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Happy Birthday, Who!

On this day, 51 years ago, an odd, low-budget sci-fi show with really trippy opening credits appeared for the first time on British televisions. On this day last year, a very high-budget, feature-length episode of the same show (with the same trippy credits) appeared on televisions and in movie theatres around the world. These days, it’s pretty rare to see a TV show last more than five seasons, let alone fifty years. Congratulations, Doctor Who, for going the distance. And congratulations, Whovians, for being fanatical enough to make it happen.

Today would be an excellent day to re-watch “Day of the Doctor,” or one of the other anniversary episodes that have been done throughout the years. Good excuse to bake a cake, too.

Happy birthday, Doctor Who! May I live to see the 100th anniversary episode. 🙂



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