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Fish Fingers and Custard Recipe

So we all know what the Eleventh Doctor’s favourite meal is: fish fingers and custard! And if you’re a Whovian, chances are you’ve wondered at times what such an…erm…creative combination would taste like.


Well, I haven’t been brave enough to try it myself, but I have tried the next best thing – fish finger cookies and custard! I got the recipe from Bakingdom, which is where I go for all my nerdy baking needs. You can see it here.

And the finished product looks like this.


These are graham-cracker-coated sugar cookies that look just like little fish fingers. For our American readers, “custard” is British for pudding, so I usually dip these in vanilla Jello pudding (I’m sure other flavours would work as well). They are delicious! I’ve also made the gluten free/dairy free/egg free variety, and those were equally tasty.

I highly recommend this recipe for all Who-themed parties and TV marathons. It’s a great way to reconcile Time Lord taste with human tastebuds.



2 thoughts on “Fish Fingers and Custard Recipe

    • Wow, thanks for reading my blog! I just finished reading your book. It was excellent. You wouldn’t happen to have any tips for another Oxford hopeful, would you? 🙂

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