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Why Rory Williams is the Best Human on Doctor Who

The Doctor has gone through a LOT of travelling companions over the years. Just like every Whovian has a favourite Doctor, we all tend to have a favourite companion as well. Personally, though Rose Tyler was great and Donna Noble is my hero, I can never love any companion more than I love Rory Williams, who travelled with the Doctor and his other companion, Amy Pond, for seasons five through seven. Rory is simply the best human character ever to appear on New Who. And here’s why:

1) He’s nice!

Rory is a nurse by profession, and he definitely picked the right career. His first instinct is always to help those in need–human or not–and he even carries medical supplies with him everywhere for that purpose. This compassionate instinct occasionally gets him into trouble, but it also makes him much more consistently likable than his wife, or even the Doctor, depending on the episode.

2) He didn’t have any “bigger on the inside” shock.

Rory is smart. One of the first signs that he was more than just Amy’s disposable boyfriend was when he first stepped into the TARDIS–and basically just went, “Huh. Cool.” He’d been reading up on his quantum physics lately, so he barely needed the whole travels-through-time-and-space thing explained to him. In fact, later on, it became his job to explain it to newcomers. And that was just the beginning. Rory always asks the logical questions and responds to situations in a level-headed way. He provides a much-needed slice of sanity in the Doctor and Amy’s crazy sandwich. In fact, he’s so smart that he begins to pick up on things only the audience is supposed to understand–like the fact that he never stays dead for long. “When don’t I [come back to life]?”

3) He’s sarcastic.

Whether he’s talking to the Doctor (“I died and turned into a Roman. It’s very distracting”); Amy (“Well, there was a ray, and we were miniaturized”); a planet-sized monster (“I had a PE teacher just like you”); or a random bystander (“America salutes you”), Rory has a deadpan bit of snark for every occasion. And it’s beautiful.

4) He’s the ultimate boyfriend/husband.

If any TV character is responsible for my unrealistic expectations of men, it’s Rory. Best example: he protected the unconscious Amy for 2000 years as a plastic Roman without ever complaining or giving up on her. And it doesn’t stop there. He shows an almost superhuman level of patience with her frequent mood swings, jokes around with her, goes along on all her adventures and lets her do the same, and does countless little things like carrying her heels for her while they dance at their wedding. And he has proved, over and over again, that he will do anything to protect her. Which is why…

5) You do NOT want to mess with him.

Yes, Rory is generally a nice, soft-spoken guy with a big heart, but anyone who tries to get between him and Amy will get to know a different side of him real quick. During his first trip in the TARDIS, Rory fought off a space vampire with nothing but a mop. And that was before he spent 2000 years as a Roman centurion. Since then, he has faced down a legion of Cybermen by himself, fought off a small army to protect his child, caused a paradox that destroyed a city full of Weeping Angels, and…oh yeah, punched Hitler in the face. Just to name a few. He also punched the Doctor in the face, which is possibly even more impressive. Not even 900-year-old alien wizards get to trash-talk Amy in Rory’s presence.

A few other facts about Rory:

That’s right! Rory is the Chuck Norris of the Whoniverse! He’s just that awesome. 🙂



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