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Victorian Slang

If you’re as interested in the actual Victorian side of steampunk as I am, you may enjoy clicking on this link:

A Dictionary of Victorian Slang

Yes, this is a complete online book, which you can also download as a pdf, full of such lovely phrases as “Adam and Eve’s togs” (meaning nakedness); “bang up to the elephant” (perfect, complete); “carachtevankterous” (an intensification of ‘cantankerous’); “death-promoter” (alcohol); and many, many more. And it was originally published in 1909, so it must be accurate, right?

I’ve found this dictionary helpful in creating the dialogue of a lower-class character in my steampunk novel. But it doesn’t matter whether you’re into steampunk or not; if you’re at all a fan of delicious words, this book is a gold mine. Check it out!



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