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Steampunk Shopping!

I loooovvve steampunk clothes! It’s the only kind of fashion I care about. Here are a few websites that sell handy coats, dresses, jackets, trousers and accessories. I’ll never be able to afford anything they sell, but you know, it’s nice to dream sometimes. And for those of you who chose more lucrative professions than I did…Halloween is coming up.

Chronobelt by Red Queen - Now Available in Black or Coffee sells “Modern,” “Steampunk,” and “Warrior” clothes, but all of it looks at least vaguely steampunk. Some of the women’s clothes are too skimpy for my taste, but a lot of it is gorgeous.

Gentleman’s Emporium is slightly (only slightly) cheaper than Verillas, and they have a TON of stuff. You can even buy a whole outfit to fit a particular character! And don’t worry, they have women’s fashion, too.

Fabric #4

Clockwork Couture is probably one of the better-known places to buy steampunk. It’s reasonably priced (though the corsets are still over $100, alas), and they have Doctor Who stuff!


Steampunk Threads has some very nice accessories. It’s also the first place you want to look for cheap corsets, though I can’t vouch for the quality.

Have fun shopping!



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