I Love Dressing Up

Here’s another thing I love about the LOTR movies: the costumes. TELL me you’ve never wished you had a dress like Eowyn’s white one in The Two Towers, or an awesome Ranger outfit like the one Aragorn wears. Everything that everyone wears in The Lord of the Rings is beautiful, whether it’s in a grim way or a soft, flowing way.

(Except for this guy. He’s just disgusting.)

This makes it really fun to cosplay LOTR characters. You can’t not feel ten times cooler than you normally do  while wearing the red-and-blue Arwen dress (as I know from experience), or even while dressed up as a hobbit. Unfortunately, these costumes are hard to pull off unless you have mad sewing skills (or mad money). So you have to admire the few people who really nail it. Here are some of them:


I totally thought this was a picture of Arwen at first. Though her eyes are clearly photoshopped, I’m willing to bet her dress is not. Points for the Evenstar pendant and the pointy ears.

Ditto for this guy. HOW do you get your hair to exactly replicate the movie posters like that?? He clearly has a genetic advantage…

This King of the Dead is scary good. Very, very scary.

I approve of this Galadriel.

And this Eowyn. Dat hair…

Check out this Frodo! (By the way, I’ve noticed that Frodo cosplayers tend to be female. Should this tell Elijah Wood something about himself?)

The one above may be great, but I think this Frodo is cuter.

Anyone getting ideas for Halloween yet? Namarie!


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