Eat Like a Hobbit

One of my favourite things about hobbits is their deep and abiding passion for food. It is one that I share wholeheartedly. And man, some scenes in The Lord of the Rings can make my mouth water like nothing else. Those mushrooms at Farmer Maggot’s house…all the feasts at Rivendell…Herbs and Stewed Rabbit…etc., etc. Every culture and region in Middle Earth has its own cuisine, and J.R.R. Tolkien described them all in detail. The movies do a pretty good job reproducing them, too.

But lembas bread is the Middle Earth food I crave the most. Haven’t you always wanted to try lembas bread? It’s the ultimate traveling food, since it fills a grown man’s stomach in one bite and all that, but it sounds pretty tasty even for us stay-at-homes. Although Tolkien (alas!) didn’t leave us an “official” recipe, there are as many lembas bread recipes online as there are Tom Bombadil theories. Here’s a link to my personal favourite.

Always wrap your lembas bread in a mallorn leaf if you can find one. If not, saran wrap will do.

I like this one because it’s simple, doesn’t take terribly long to make, and tastes like a yummy scone when it’s done (very good with jam, though I always leave the raisins out to achieve a more Elvish look). It comes from a site with tons of recipes related to LOTR – some very loosely, and some right out of the book or movies. I can vouch for the “Po-Tay-To Onion Soup” and the “Seedcake for Gimli” as well. Seedcake is a bit of an acquired taste, I’ve found, but I acquired it quickly.

Also, if you love cooking, have a lot of LOTR fanatics in your acquaintance, and can take a day or two off from all your obligations, the blog portion of this site has a suggested menu for an epic Lord of the Rings eat-along marathon. Haven’t tried that yet, but it’s on my bucket list. Let me know if any of you successfully pull one off.



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