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Firefly: The Board Game

The TV show Firefly was my first introduction to Joss Whedon (well, if we’re not counting Toy Story), and it’s still my favourite creation of his. But being a Firefly fan is sad, because we only have one season of its awesomeness. That’s all Joss had time for before it was cancelled by Fox (the Philistines!).

Here’s something that might relieve the pain just a little: a board game based on Firefly!

Unlike most games based on movies or TV shows, this one is actually a lot of fun. It works just like the show–you get your own Firefly ship, and you have to “fly” around the board, looking for jobs and avoiding Reaver and Alliance ships. You can spend your time doing small jobs and building your crew, or you can complete one of several bigger objectives. There are also decks of cards you have to draw from on each turn, and different cards can either help or hurt you. You can even play by yourself, although I think it’s more fun with three or four people. Oh, and you can pass toy dinosaurs around for absolutely no reason. 🙂

I love this game! Someone buy it for me, please!



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