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Fandom of the Month: Harry Potter

As I was saying, who needs superheroes when you have WIZARDS?


I was born in the 90s, which makes me a solid member of the Harry Potter generation. But I was also one of those sheltered homeschool kids who weren’t allowed to read the books growing up. So I got to this fandom a little late–the same year the last movie came out, in fact. But boy, was it worth the wait.

Harry Potter is one of my favourite fictional worlds to get lost in. It’s so detailed, so imaginative, and yet so well anchored to the real world that I never get tired of following its twists and turns, even when I already know where they end up. Quidditch is my favourite sport, Norwegian Ridgebacks are my favourite dragon breed, and I know which Hogwarts house I belong to (Ravenclaw). And that’s all because of how alive these books are. They follow you out of the pages. Say what you will about J.K. Rowling’s writing skills (especially post-Potter), but the books that made her a billionaire truly are a masterpiece.


But what really makes Harry Potter so unique is the way it blends epic fantasy with the everyday. Sure, Harry is a powerful wizard destined to save the world, but he’s also a normal kid dealing with all the normal problems of growing up. When he’s not fighting Voldemort, he’s struggling with his homework, getting in trouble with bullies, and deciding whether to ask his crush out on a date. The fact that all this is happening in a magical castle doesn’t make it less relatable (although I’m still jealous). But when these books do get to the epic fantasy part, it is pretty darn epic.

And the movies are good, too, mostly because of their near-perfect casting. A poor shadow of the books, but I enjoy them.


Since July is Harry’s birthday month, I will be posting many things about his wizarding world all month long. Look for quotes, fun facts, recipes, costumes, and funny stuff, along with a rant or two.



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