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Goodbye Superheroes, Hello…

The month of June is over (can you believe it?) and that means it’s time to take a vacation from superhero posts. I’ll just leave you with a short list of my favourite superhero movies for further viewing:

1) The Dark Knight trilogy

2) The Avengers

3) The Spider-Man trilogy (the one with Tobey McGuire, not Captain Perfect Hair)

4) The Incredibles (yes, it’s a kid’s cartoon, but it totally counts)

5) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

6) Iron Man

7) Thor

8) X-Men


Now, here’s one thing I used to wonder about: why doesn’t Great Britain have superheroes? They’re usually pretty similar to us Americans as far as their tastes in entertainment, but they have never successfully invented a caped crusader. I used to think that was weird. Now I know the answer: the British don’t need superheroes. I mean, this is the country that beat Hitler just by drinking tea and letting him bomb them until he got bored. Plus, they have some of the most awesome non-super heroes in literature. King Arthur, Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, the Doctor–just a few reasons why they don’t need heroes in tights.

The month of July will be dedicated to one more reason England doesn’t have superheroes. Stay tuned. Namarie!


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