monthly fandom

Superhero Comic #1

As I’ve said, I’m not into comic books. But I do like knowing where my favourite characters came from. Superheroes are so popular and high-tech these days that I sometimes forget just how long they’ve been around. The first comic book to feature a hero with supernatural powers and a colorful suit came out in 1938.



They made things to last back in the ’30s. Of course, you could argue that superheroes have been around even longer than that–The Scarlet Pimpernel, in Baroness Orczy’s novel of the same name, was basically the French Revolution-era Batman, and the Victorians had their share of powerful crime-fighters with secret identities. But I think we can at least credit Action Comics with the whole cape-spandex-and-muscles aesthetic we now associate with superheroes. Kudos to them. Too bad they can’t benefit from all the money their heroes are making now…



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