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Ranking the Superheroes

You may be wondering who my favourite superheroes are. The short answer is “all of them,” but there are certainly some that I like more than others. Here are my top five, more or less in order–and once again, remember that these are based on the characters’ movies, not their comic books.

1. Batman


Why? Because he’s BATMAN! But seriously, this guy is just a great character. He has a complicated personality and set of motivations, which is rare among superheroes. His alter ego is as much of a mask (and a weapon) as his bat outfit, which is pretty smart, considering “secret identities” never seem to stay secret for long. He has no powers, but he still manages to kick the butts of some of the most powerful villains in the comic universe. And who doesn’t secretly want a bat cave? I mean, everything about Batman is just so cool. What’s not to like?

2. Spider-Man


Spider-Man holds a special place in my heart because he was my first superhero. Believe it or not, I was a bit of an elitist before I turned 16. I thought I was too sophisticated for superhero movies, until I saw Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. That’s when I discovered that my tastes are not sophisticated at all–I just like stories about unlikely heroes who get a supernatural power and choose to do the right thing with it. Of course I can relate to Peter Parker because he’s a total nerd, but I also like him for having such a strong sense of right and wrong, even if he loses sight of it occasionally.

3. Captain America


Speaking of a sense of right and wrong, Captain America is probably the most powerful voice for common decency in recent pop culture. He’s not a terribly complicated character, but he is more than just a flag-waving patriotic symbol. He’s a courageous soldier who fights for truth and freedom, and always puts others before himself. And yes, he’s pretty patriotic, but he’s willing to stand up even to American leaders if they start abusing their power. In short, he embodies all the best things about America. Including our top-notch fighting abilities.

4. Iron Man


I don’t like Iron Man for any of the same reasons I like my top three superheroes. In fact, it’s almost the opposite. Tony Stark is kind of a terrible person in many ways–he’s a womanizer, he’s a show-off, he lets his girlfriend do all the hard work–but there’s no denying that he is hilarious. And in a genre where the standards have been set by darker heroes like Batman, we need some comic relief once in a while. Besides, Iron Man can be as heroic as the best of them. Sometimes he just needs an extra “push.”

5. Wolverine


This guy is just fun to watch. Wolverine has been through a lot, and he can’t remember most of it, but he always overcomes his many personal issues in time to save the day. He can be ferocious at times, but he has a soft heart underneath the adamantium. And he has one of the coolest superpowers around. Also–I love Hugh Jackman. I really, really love Hugh Jackman.

So that’s my list. Who are your favourite superheroes (or heroines–more on that later)?



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