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Pick a Power, Any Power…

There are lots of impressive superpowers out there. Super strength, super speed, weather control, mind control, shape-shifting, etc. All very cool. But I’m not really jealous of the heroes who  have them, because I don’t think most of those things would have much practical application in my everyday life. I mean, I rarely have to lift anything heavier than a box of books, and even with super speed, you still need a sense of direction.

There are exceptions, however. Flight would be nice–no more traffic problems–but if I could steal a power from any superhero, I think I’d take it from Jean Grey of the X-Men.


Telekinesis would be an endlessly practical power to have, especially for someone  as vertically and athletically challenged as I am. No more climbing on counters to reach stuff! No more getting out of bed to turn off the light! It’d be great for self-defense, too–no more carrying pepper spray when I’m alone in the city at night! If anyone tries to attack me, I’ll just throw them against a street lamp–or throw a street lamp at them. Combine that with a healthy dose of telepathy, and you have the perfect combination of powers for a nerdy, lazy, yet endlessly curious writer. Spider-Man can keep all of his powers, but Jean Grey I envy.

How about you? If you could steal any superhero’s power, what would be your top choice?




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