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Musings on Star Wars 7

About the new Star Wars movie.


I have very mixed feelings, and they’re getting more mixed all the time. When I first found out that Disney had bought Star Wars and was going to be making more movies, I was surprised (though I shouldn’t have been) and a little dismayed that such an iconic brand was being added to the evil Disney empire. Also, Leia as a Disney princess is just plain weird. On the other hand, I reasoned, the last three Star Wars movies were almost unwatchable, so it’s not like Disney is corrupting an innocent franchise. The next movie might even be an improvement.

That’s still more or less how I feel, but I still go back and forth every time a new update comes out about Episode VII. On the one hand, I personally like what J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek. I’m not a die-hard Trekkie, so I don’t care much about things like the submersible properties of the Enterprise. I thought Abrams’s films were extremely entertaining and beautifully cast–and I’ve already given my opinion of Super 8 here: Yes, it’s a little weird that the same guy who resurrected Star Trek is now expected to resurrect Star Wars, but at least he has a history of directing good pop sci-fi. I’m not worried about the choice of director.


am a little worried about the choice of actors. As much as I loved the acting in the original trilogy, I was not excited when I heard that all three stars of the original movies would be appearing in Episode VII. Harrison Ford is the only one who has done any significant live acting since Star Wars, and even he is a little old to be playing action heroes. And Mark Hamill…well, he was never the most photogenic guy, and now he’s even…less photogenic. It’ll be really strange to see all of them trying to step back into the same characters they portrayed more than thirty years ago. The rest of the cast I don’t really know, except for Andy Serkis, who is probably playing a computer-generated alien of some sort. Anthony Daniels is back as C3PO, though! Yay!

And even though this movie is supposedly coming out next year, no one seems to have any idea what it’s about. Obviously, since Luke, Leia, and Han are in it, it must take place after Return of the Jedi, and that does seem somewhat promising. That movie left me with a lot of questions: what kind of government will the Rebels put in place now that the Empire is done? Will Leia become a Jedi too? What will Jedi even do with themselves, now that they don’t have any Sith to fight? Will Han and Leia ever have kids, and how will they do as parents? I know plenty of books have been written answering these questions, but the movie apparently is not based on any of those books, so the answers are still up in the air.

I think I’m going to be cautiously optimistic about the new movie. It won’t be as good as the original Star Wars–I think we can take that for granted–but, with a decent story and some good acting, it could be a fun, nostalgic action flick. And since George Lucas is not writing the screenplay, it’ll almost certainly be better than the last three movies. I’m going to hope for more good Star Wars!




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