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Wedge Antilles


So, this guy is totally in my top five favourite Star Wars characters. He rocks my socks off, and here is why:

Even though he only has a few lines, the actor manages to make him seem like a well-rounded character. He’s unfailingly loyal to the Rebellion, he’s great at his job, and he always uses his common sense, which none of the other X-Wing pilots seem to do. Like when he was the only one to actually leave the Death Star when his ship was damaged, instead of idiotically “staying on target” until he blew up. And when he creatively took down that walker in Empire Strikes Back – making him and Luke the only humans to successfully do so.

Also, just the fact that he flies an X-Wing already makes him pretty darn cool. And way to be the only non-Force-sensitive pilot to survive all three movies! Go Wedge!

Here is his Wookieepedia page, for further reading: Wedge Antilles


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