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You Forgot to Turn Your Collar Up

As Sherlock Holmes knows very well, clothes can tell you a lot about a person–their income level, personality, social circle, whether or not they care what they look like, and even their occupation. And if they’re worn on a British TV show, they can also be pretty darn awesome.

sherlock coat

The costumes of Sherlock are no exception. All the characters’ clothes fit their personalities so well, from John’s jumpers to Mycroft’s old-fashioned suit. And where would Sherlock be without that magnificent high-collared coat? They can also contain subtle clues. For example, did you know that Moriarty wears a tie pin shaped like a wolf’s head in “The Reichenbach Fall?” You can barely see it in the episode, but it adds to the story’s fairy tale theme.

Anyway, here’s a website where you can see details about all the most prominent costume pieces from seasons 1 and 2, as well as the price and where to buy them. That’s not extremely helpful, since in most cases they’re no longer available (not to mention waaaaaayyyy out of my price range), but it’s still pretty cool. Did you know that coat cost more than 1000 pounds? And they had to buy three of them. But I guess it was worth it. Sherlock certainly thinks so. 🙂

Go here to find more:



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