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Lewis and the Internet

C.S. Lewis considered himself a “dinosaur” even in his own time, but his works have adapted fairly well to the 21st century–well, to our technology anyway. Here are links to some fun websites dealing with his works:

Into the Wardrobe – a C.S. Lewis website with a daily quote, news, a complete bibliography to Lewis’s books and links to many of his essays, and more stuff.

Slightly more fluffy – here’s the Narnia wiki:

A lot more fluffy – here’s the most comprehensive website for Narnia movie news (which is still a thing – they’re officially making a Silver Chair movie. More on that later.):

Less fluffy – here’s a site for scholarly discussion about C.S. Lewis’s writings and theology:

I’m sure there are many more I could list, but this is what sprung to my attention. Have fun! Namarie!


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