monthly fandom

Best Male Companion

There’s not much competition for this one. It goes, without question, to…

rory roman

Rory Williams
aka The Last Centurion, Mr. Pond, The Boy Who Waited, Rory the Roman

Rory is special for a lot of reasons. He’s the only male character in the new series to last for more than a season. He’s one of only two characters (Jack Harkness is the other) to have lived longer than the Doctor, and he’s related to the Doctor by marriage, which is pretty cool. He also holds the record for most deaths on the show: a total of eight, three of them in one episode.

But I liked Rory first for his sarcasm, level-headedness, and complete devotion to Amy. Still, I must admit, I was afraid he was going to get the Mickey treatment. After all, Amy was even more immediately attracted to the Doctor than Rose, and Rory seemed in danger of being pushed to the sidelines. But then the episode The Big Bang happened. Suddenly he wasn’t just a cute comic relief character anymore. He became a knight in shining armour straight out of a fairy tale, finally got Amy to say “I do,” and still remained the sarcastic, lovable nurse he had always been. In some ways, Rory is the Neville Longbottom of Doctor Who.

last centurion

Rory is always entertaining to watch, thanks to Arthur Darvill’s perfect comedic timing, but he’s not remarkably good-looking. Yet even fickle Amy ultimately chooses him over the Doctor, just because he’s such a wonderful person. He chose the right profession when he became a nurse. His first instinct is always to help others, even when they’re Nazis or rubbery mutant clones. He has qualms about hitting an old lady, even when he knows she’s really an alien out to kill him. But let someone try to get between Rory and his Amy, and they had better watch their backs. He can become a fully-fledged action hero when he needs to be. He just doesn’t get too dramatic about it. No matter how many wild adventures he gets into, he always keeps a kind of down-to-earth, common-sense outlook on life. Because of this, he often acts as a much-needed dose of sanity in the middle of Amy and the Doctor’s craziness.

rory glasses

Rory Williams has punched Hitler in the face, fought off Headless Monks, killed Weeping Angels, and stood guard over a box for two thousand years, but I like him best for doing what real-life heroes do all the time: being a good husband and father. I will always miss the Ponds (at least until a more interesting companion than Clara comes along), but Rory is the one I miss the most.



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