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My Doctor Who party

All right, people! The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is coming up in just three days. How are you going to celebrate?

I had my 50th anniversary party a little early, all the way back in June. Which turned out to be a good thing, because my annoying real life is going to make me too busy to watch the anniversary episode when it airs. ūüė¶ But just in case you need party ideas, here’s what I did this summer.

First, I acquired some TARDIS-blue envelopes. They were surprisingly hard to find, but I finally saw some in a cheesy set of party stationary at Target. Inside, my invitations were a single sheet of cardstock paper with the date of the party, the time (5:02 p.m., of course), and my address printed on the front. The details were on the back. I sent them out to all my Whovian friends, and also created a contagious Facebook invite. Most of the people I invited ended up coming (about 20 people in all).

Then I had to make myself a costume. The options, as I’ve mentioned before, were endless, but I had some limits due to a lack of money and skill. But my 9-year-old sister and I ended up going as big and little Amy Pond. I based our costumes off¬†what Amy wears in The Big Bang.


My sister already had a good sweater and striped shirt to wear, but we did a lot of shopping for the rest of the costume. I got her a pair of rain boots from Gander Mountain, but we never did find a good coat. She ended up wearing a purple one of hers that was as close as we could get. I found a great leather jacket and purple shirt at a thrift store, used a hand-knit scarf that I already had, and borrowed fingerless gloves from a friend. The red wig came from a costume shop called Wizard’s Chest, which turned out to be a little more pricey than I expected. I spent more money on that wig than on any other single party item, but at least it looked right.

Next, I had to plan the decorations. I wanted to keep the theme as classy as possible, so these were pretty subtle. We had TARDIS-blue napkins, cups, plasticware, plates, and tablecloth; roses on every table; and a melted-crayon painting of the TARDIS (made by a friend). Also, inspired by an idea I saw on the Internet, I created a sign for my front door based on the one posted on the TARDIS door. It looked a little like this:

TARDIS door sign

And my door is blue already, so it looked pretty great.

But the food was the part I was most proud of. We had a buffet-style meal with fish ‘n’ chips (that is, fish sticks and fries) as the main course. But that was just the beginning. We also had bananas, because it wouldn’t be a party without them.


And cupcakes with Daleks on them! They looked a lot like these, except not quite as detailed. It was my first experience with fondant.


I had also never made souffles before, but I knew they had to be on the menu after Asylum of the Daleks, so I found a recipe online and made some. They turned out much better than Oswin’s did. Here’s the recipe if you’d like to try it.

Fish fingers and custard are also a must for any Doctor Who party, but I was too squeamish to try the real thing, so I made this wonderful cookie recipe instead:


The cookies look just like fish fingers, but taste like sugar cookies. And they really are great dipped in vanilla pudding., incidentally, is my favourite place to look for all nerdy recipes.

For drinks, I made non-alcoholic “sonic screwdrivers” from¬†this recipe on the BBC website: These had a mixed reception among my guests, and I personally thought they were too peachy. But a few people loved them. We also had tea, of course. I served PG Tips, the most popular tea brand in the UK, along with Jammie Dodgers, both of which I found at an English tea shop down the road from where I work.

Not everyone dressed up, but those who did went all out. We had a female Tenth Doctor, two River Songs, a Rory the Roman, a Rory the nurse, another Amy Pond, a Fourth Doctor, a Rose Tyler, a galaxy, and…a unicorn. Apparently there was a¬†unicorn¬†somewhere in Doctor Who’s obscure past. I gave the prize (a fez) to Rory the Roman, because he had made his own steel armour at a forge in his backyard. Can’t beat that!

We played a long-distance version of Red Light/Green Light (or, as I like to call it, Blink/Don’t Blink), and had a scavenger hunt where everyone had to find the words “bad wolf” in hiding places all over the house. I’m still finding pieces of paper with those words printed on them. But we spent most of the evening watching Doctor Who. Everyone voted on five¬†of the best¬†episodes (Blink, Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, Midnight, and The Lodger were the final picks), and we had a grand time discussing and laughing at them. It was the most successful party I’ve ever hosted, and one of the highlights of my summer.

Whatever you do for the 50th anniversary, I hope it’s fantastic! Namarie!


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