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Cool Costumes

One great thing about being a Doctor Who fan is that there are so many easy costume options. If you can find the right combination of street clothes, you can be a companion. If you’re good at makeup or have money for a mask, you can be a monster or an alien. If you love sewing, you can be someone from the past. If you’re really lazy, you can just draw tally marks all over yourself. Anything goes!


It’s still tough to get creative, though, especially since you can now buy TARDIS dresses and clip-on bowties at Hot Topic. I always enjoy a costume more if I’ve put it together myself–plus, I don’t have money to buy things ready-made. Doctor Who is all about thinking outside the box (unless the box is bigger on the inside), so why not think up something unusual and challenging for a costume?

For example, here’s something you don’t see every day: a male TARDIS. Downright classy, too.


And here’s a downright creepy Vashta Nerada costume.


Kids also look really cute in Doctor Who getup, even if they’re only wearing it because their crazy mom made them. 🙂 For example: this little Eleven…


Who will hopefully not be fighting this adorable Dalek.

Dalek princess

I would post a picture of my last Doctor Who costume, but I seem to have misplaced the photo. Maybe it’s just as well–I’m a little too short to make a convincing Amy Pond. But I did wear a lovely red wig!

Do you have any Doctor Who costuming triumphs? If so, feel free to comment about them! Namarie!


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