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Meet Romelle Cogsworth, the Steampunk Gypsy

My Halloween costume is complete!


That sheath contains a genuine short sword in this picture, but it’ll be empty on Halloween. People tend to get tetchy around sharp metal objects these days. I’ve also got a pair of “brass” key earrings you can’t really see, though they do dangle pretty close to my shoulders.

This one’s a bit blurry, but it gives a better view of the skirt:


And, of course, the boots. Gotta have something tough on my feet for those long treks through the wilds between train stations:


Here’s a shot of the whole thing from behind:


So, there you are! Not nearly as fancy as some of the stuff I’ve posted here by other people, but for my first steampunk costume, and one created with no sewing and very little money, I’m pretty pleased with it. And the best thing is, it’s functional. I can walk around all day in this without getting too footsore or too cold, even in the 30-40 degree weather my area’s been having lately. The outer skirt even has pockets! It’s just what a wandering gypsy, on the fringes of respectable society, would need.

I’m looking forward to rocking this on Halloween! Namarie!


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